[ENG] Self-organised Health Structure in Exarcheia (ADYE)

Self-organised Health Structure in Exarcheia (ADYE)
56, Arachovis Str., Κ*VOX, Exarcheia Sq.
adye.espivblogs.net / adye@espiv.net
Tel: 699 4346 705

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The Self-organised Health Structure in Exarcheia (ADYE) is a social project that aims at dealing with health issues as a human-oriented process, in which we are all involved and all have to participate equally.

The main activity of ADYE is to offer for free primary healthcare, urgent help and psychological support as well as health promotion to all, without any kind of discrimination for reasons of race, skin colour, origin, sexual identity or religion.

ADYE, as a social project, has been created by the general assembly of citizens, social projects and collectives that live and act in the neighborhood of Exarcheia and is hosted in the squat K*VOX.

It addresses itself to the local community of Exarcheia, doctors, psychologists, nurses, pharmacists, but also to any other resident who would like to help. It does not cooperate with state authorities or NGOs, neither it forms part of any political party whatsoever. Moreover, in the structure, participate people without any kind of racist, nationalist, xenophobic, homophobic or fascist behaviors and practices.

The main political conviction of its participants is that solidarity is being rather reciprocally provided, than egoistically or philanthropically, given the fact that we are all potential migrants, homeless, unemployed, precarious workers without access to healthcare services.

We believe that self-organized health structures are not only a response to problems in provision of medical care, which fill the gap left by the state. Therefore, we try to implement what we would consider that healthcare could be in the society we are dreaming of, a society of true solidarity and humanity. We perceive the project of ADYE as a living cell of social resistance and emancipation against the barbarism of our times, thus we collaborate with people’s assemblies and independent trade unions.

ADYE’s goals

1. Creation of self-organised health structures, aiming at the protection of life and decency of human beings.
2. Covering the basic health and psycho-social needs of the neighborhood, with the ultimate purpose of taking our health in our hands and breaking the links with a sick health system that excludes the non-privileged and weak parts of the population.
3. Building a community of solidarity, which comprehends itself as a living cell of the resistance that constantly reconstructs and at the same time questions the way living, being imposed from above.

Axes of action

1. Providing medical and pharmaceutical care, as well as psycho-social support and treatment.
2. Concrete actions in the community within the framework of a wider movement for social liberation.

3. Interaction and cooperation with other social anti-authoritarian projects, with which we share the same principles and values.